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Supporting Women through
Pregnancy and Birth

What is a doula?

A doula is a trained non-medical labor assistant.  Doulas provide continuous, hands-on emotional and physical support to parents during the birthing process.  A doula provides advice on different comfort technique, will do massage,  help to create a calming birth environment and support the parents through the labor process. However, a doula's support doesn't start when labor starts; your doula will also help you to fine tune your vision of your birth and help you write up your birth preferences (a.k.a. birth plan) to share with your care provider.  Your doula is available to answer questions during your pregnancy and help you to communicate more effectively with your care provider. Many people say the mere act of hiring a doula helps them to feel more at ease and prepared for their birth experience.

Why hire a doula?

Studies show that having a doula reduces the likelihood of having a caesarean birth as well as other medical interventions during birth.  While a doula does not offer medical advice, a doula can help parents navigate the birth process by helping them with techniques such as massage, relaxation and position changes. She can also help them to ask the appropriate questions when medical procedures are being recommended; this allows the parents to make informed decisions regarding their care.

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