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Free Consultation 

It is important for every birthing woman to explore her options and find the doula who is the perfect match for what she wants in her birth experience.  The first step to hiring your doula is a one hour interview for you to meet the doula and see if she would be a good match to support you in achieving the birth experience you want.

Phone & Email Support 

Once you hire your doula she will be available to you by phone, text or email throughout the remainder of your pregnancy. 

Prenatal Visit

At your prenatal visit your doula will discuss your wishes for your birth experience and how she can support you in that.  You will review your birth preferences as well as go over different techniques for how your partner and your doula can all work together as a team to support the birthing mother throughout labor. 

As a Doula, I  Do Not:

During Labor 

During labor your doula will support you first through phone support, either phone calls, texts or a combination.  As labor progresses and you need more hands-on support your doula doula will come to support you, usually at you home, but maybe at the hospital depending on how labor is unfolding.  Support will continue at the birth site until 2 hours after your baby is born.

Perform any clinical tasks

Doulas provide emotional and physical support during labor.  A doula does not perform any clinical tasks such as cervical checks or blood pressure monitoring.

"Karen was my doula when I had my daughter. I wouldn't have the same birthing story without her. She was amazing and if I had it all to do over again I would have her by my side again and again."

Postpartum follow-up visit 

When your baby is 2-3 weeks old we will meet again for a postpartum visit.  This visit is to check in and see how everyone is adjusting to your new roles.  We can help you find resources such as lactation consultants, new moms groups and postpartum doulas. 

Make decisions for you 

During your pregnancy and your labor a doula will discuss your options with you and help you to come up with questions to ask your care provider but a doula will never make decisions for you or give you medical advice.

Speak to the staff on your behalf

Your doula will encourage both parents to advocate for themselves and will not speak to the staff on your behalf.

"You were a wonderful calming presence when we needed it the most"

"Melissa is AMAZING at what she does."

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

Our goal is for every woman to have a birth that she can look back on and feel good about.  How each woman achieves that is different.  We have no agenda about how your birth plays out, our role is to support you during pregnancy and birth in a way that helps you to feel supported and empowered.

"We honestly could not have done it without're such a special part of the entire birth experience."

"Melissa Angel...her name says it all"

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